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      I heard from my friend in S.Korea that She enjoys Makkoli so much (she loves it!). Makkoli or Makgeolli is the traditional Korean rice wine. i found many recipes in youtube but still confuse. Can i just use instant yeast or must use mill yeast (nuruk)? Maangchi, help me..~


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      I had the same problem like you^^… Nuruk is very hard to find outside Korea, I think, so there are many versions of Makgeolli. I know a Korean, who makes her own Makgeolli every summer (with different flavours, like ginger :) ) and she uses only glutinous rice, yeast and sugar, but for this you have to have a very “hot” summer (well, I guess, here in Germany summers are much colder than in Indonesia ;D ). So my version, which was so succesful is with sourdough starter + yeast. Mix it with steamed glutinous rice and water and let it ferment at a warm place for about a week (depending on the weather)

      So all in all (in order to answer you question) you can use just yeast for Makgeolli. Yeast will transform the starch of the rice into sugar and with this an alcoholic agitation takes place. Try it ;)

      Greetings from Germany!

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      Have you tried the yeast we Indonesian use for making “tape”? It might help as my Korean friend use to make her own makgeolli but I never learnt the recipe

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      My makgeolli recipe is online!

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