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    I have a problem….

    I cannot find malt powder everywhere in my place…

    I live in Indonesia….

    all I found is something called “ragi”

    it’s from rice flour that mixed with a little water and shaped into small cakes and then left overnight so some kind of micro fungi was present there….

    I think the work is same…

    changing starch to sugar…

    but it contain microbacteria…

    can it be a substitute?

    or anyone have a hint for me?

    please answer mee…

    I really want to make that Sikhye…




    Check out some Koreaan grocery stores in Indonesia. I hope one of those is near your area.

    You need barley malt powder or crushed barley malt to make shikhye.




    I never think that Maangchi herself will answer my question…

    I really happy…

    I really Idolize you maangchi


    that store is about one day by train from my place…

    but I’ll try to reach it…

    Thank you maangchi….

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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