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    Found Manna Wok Oriental Restaurant one night while driving around town It’s located at 4865 E Harry St (East of Oliver on the south side of Harry).

    Manna Wok is a excellent, affordable Korean restaurant that has a down to earth, mom & pop feel that reminds me a lot of my favorite restaurant in Song Tan, Korea. The staff is very friendly, courteous and attentive. The place is pretty small and gets packed fairly quick. Majority of the walls are covered with pictures taken of previous customers.

    Prices range from $7-11 for most main dishes. So far I’ve been stuck in a rut since going there the first time and finding to my delight that they have Dol Sot Bi Bim Bap! Other family members have gone and got the Kal Bi and Bulgogi. I’ve sampled both and they aren’t bad at all. The Kimchi is excellent to, they usually provide you with cabbage kimchi, green bean kimchi and been sprouts or cucumber kimichi.

    First time there we ordered Yaki Man Doo and Kim Bap. The Yaki Man Doo was no where near what I was used to getting in Korea, though I’m willing to someday give them another shot at that. I highly recommend the Kim Bap…it runs $7.50 but you get two large rolls sliced up for your enjoyment…it is so delicious!

    As mentioned before its one of two Korean restaurants here in the city. While Hot Stone Korean Grill would get my vote for a first date, this place would get my vote for a more authentic mom & pop atmosphere. The menu here wins hands down between the two because of the number of dishes listed.

    Its usually a toss up with our family on which one to go to though. Another plus is there Chop Chae has more vegetables in it so that get my vote too. I plan on trying the Ja Jang Myun next time I go.

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