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    Hi All,

    This is my first time making kimchi, so I am clueless. I made a small batch of radish kimchi, but immediately put it into the fridge. After two days in the fridge, I took it out and placed it somewhere dark. Nothing happened until a week later, when I smelled something sour and fermented in my dining room. When I opened the container, there were lots of bubbles and the usual kimchi smell, but there was also this small portion covered with a whitish, slimy film. I tried to search if the film was mold or yeast, but it didn’t look like any. Maybe it is the beginning of mold / yeast? I include a photo of the kimchi below, with the whitish film at the bottom left area. If anybody can advise what it was and whether the kimchi is still safe to eat, I would appreciate it. I will just keep it back in the fridge for now.

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