Moldy Kimchi ? Not a problem. I still love my onggi.

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      I was glad to find an online seller of onggi, and I was excited to ferment kimchi in one of these.
      I used to ferment in glass jars, plastic container such as sistema or e-jen and I never had a real problem whith conservation.
      One month after making a batch of green onions kimchi in one of my little new onggi (I had let it untouched in the fridge for 3 weeks and the vegetables were not completely submerged any more…) I saw white mold (or fungus) on the top.
      After a few seconds of intense sweating I just removed the moldy parts and kept the rest.
      I ate a portion of it yesterday and guess what… I’m still alive and not sick a all, ha ha.
      If it happens to your kimchi, don’t panic !
      Kimchi is alive and an onggi let it breathe very easily, the traditional way is not the easiest but it worths the effort :)

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