Moowoo sangchae (radish salad) , is this recipe authentic and good?

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      Hi every one!

      I love moowoo sangchae when i go to korean restaurents and i searched trough the web to find it and i found this one.


      white radish salad (“Musangchae”)is cold vegetable salad and the basic taste of it is sweet and sour. It contains red hot pepper powder and it adds hot taste more.

      White radish salad (“Musangchae”)Ingredients1/2 Ib.whole Korean radish 1/2 pepper powder, 1 tsp.salt, 1 tasp.sugar 1 green onion, 1 clove garlic, vinegar, lettuce

      DirectionsPeel the radish and cut it into really thin strips. Mix the radish strips with the red pepper powder. Add the Sugar, salt, red pepper threads, green onion and garlic to the mixture #2. Sprinlkle the #3 mixture with the vinegar and mix well. Hint: when sprinkleing salt, it is better squeeze out the water.


      from this site:

      I wondered if it was authentic and good actually…I would wait for maangchi recipe but im so craving it lol, and cooking home made korean food is so much better with maangchi’s recipe. Thank you for answering!

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      I found this blog post it is in Korean but the pics are great. When I use google to translate it it looks like the ingreiants are basicly correct (you could add ginger ect) but I am not sure of the amounts.

      One more item. If you salt the radish before adding your spice then you can get some of the water out of it.

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      My musaengchae (white radish salad) recipe is on now. Thank you for your patience!

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