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    Hi everyone, my grandma taught two generations to cook and her kimchi and “samgyupsal” recipes inspired me to start a Web cooking show called “Cooking with Granny,” which is currently up on Kickstarter (please support!). I wanted to know how many of you were also inspired by your grandma to cook, and if you’re not Korean, how did that translate into a love for making Korean food?



    Awesome! I have always had this idea and thank you for doing it. Please post a link to it so we don’t have to go searching around for it.


    John in Baton Rouge

    I think most cooks are inspired by their grandmother’s cooking in some way. This is so true. I often think of the foods my grandmother cooked and how she cooked it and what it looked and tasted like. I have a strong memory of food tastes. I am not Korean. I think I picked up her love for cooking in general. Not just korean food. I am more adventurous than 98% of my family when it comes to food. They are so scared to eat Kimchi! LMAO!!! And they think that korean food is all about Kimchi. It’s so much more. I, on the ohter hand, love Korean food. One day I was looking for a Kimchi recipe and stumbled on Maangchi’s web site. I cook and eat Korean food most of the time now.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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