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      Hi, Maangchi and everyone

      I made Tongbaechu (nappa cabbage) kimchi and Kkakdugi (cubbed radish kimchi) 48 hours ago and i’m not sure if it’s ready or not.. It doesn’t smell (only when i open the lid), there’s a lot of beautiful juice (it doesn’t fully go over my kimchi but almost) and a really red nice color but it doesn’t really make bubbles.. and when i open the lid it smell like garlic and not really sour, i think lol! i read a lot of post about kimchi and what i understood is even if it is fermented no matter how long i leave it out of the fridge it’s ok ? but what i want to know is if it’s not yet fermented and i put it in my fridge will it still be good? or will it become bad?

      Thank you

      P.s Thanks Maangchi for making delicous recipe’s

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      Hi, I think you made good kimchi! Congratulations! : ) By the way, you can eat the kimchi right after making it.
      Not all kimchi creates bubbles when it’s fermented.
      Fermentation of kimchi depends on your room temperature and the saltiness of the kimchi. When kimchi ferments, it smells and tastes sour. You will have to put the kimchi into the fridge. Fermentation will keep going on in the fridge and it tastes get sourer as time passes. Check this out, please.

      I usually put all my kimchi in the fridge except for a little bit in a small container. I like fresh kimchi, so this way the kimchi in the fridge ferments slowly and stays fresh, while the smaller container ferments faster and gets sour. I use this sour kimchi for making things like kimchi jjigae where sour kimchi is better. Then, when the small container is empty, I fill it up again with kimchi from the big container.

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      Thank you for your answer Maangchi :) !!! i’ve put it in the fridge now and the taste is really getting under my skin ahah :P Thank you for the wonderful recipe!

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