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      Hello everyone!

      Thanks Maangchi for the recipes. Ive been trying a few of them and they are great. Plus, I make ssamjang and the dipping sauce shown on your green onion pankake every time I make a Korean dish, and use the left overs with EVERYTHING, lol. So Tasty!

      I am not a big fish person, so I decided not to buy a bag of dried anchovy. However, when I cook, I like to stay as close to the recipes as I can. When making Doenjang-jjigae yesterday, I searched the web to try and find a decent substitute. Let me tell you, there was nothing. I didnt want to substitute for chicken or beef broth, so I decided to try to make my own anchovy stock.

      I ended up buying some canned flat anchovy and using a sushi wrapper to try and get a similar flavor for a one time ingredient. I washed the andchovys that had been canned in oil and salt until they lost the slimy coating. I then placed about four of them, and about a quarter of a sushi wrapper into 2.5 cups of water for 20min. Next, I brought the mixture to a boil, then reduced heat and simmered for about 10min. Then I let cool, strained through a fine wire mesh into my earthenware pot with the rest of the start up ingredients Doenjang-jjigae.

      Since Ive never boiled dried anchovy, I dont know if it had a similar taste. I can tell you it was a hit with my wife and daughter, and I even liked it. It wasnt fishy tasting at all, and had a very robust unique flavor.

      Next time I got to H Mart, I will have to find a small bag of dried anchovy and see how different it tastes, and to keep on hand for the next experiment!

      Anyway, I hope this will help out others who are in a quick need of a tasty broth.

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      I just use this when im in a hurry.

      Riken Iriko Dashi. No added salt or MSG

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      Hi THeGAME, it sounds like you figured it out. When go to get the dried anchovies see if they sell them in a small bag printed with blue and white.

      Hi EvilGrin, You do not have to order dashi powder from a company in Japan – you can get it on Amazon. You might be able to get it locally if you live near a large supermarket that has an isle for Asian foods. You can definitely get it from a local J market.

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      My local market sells the “anchovy” dashi and bonito dashi from Riken. I use them mostly for miso soup but occasionally i use them for Jjigae too.

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      The only dried anchovies I can find locally are sold in huge bags for $25 or so. I wouldn’t think anchovies in general would be so hard to source, but it took 3 stores to find 1 can of anchovies. I did buy the 1 can that I finally located, and came across this post when Googled homemade dried anchovies. Thanks for tge recipe, I’ll try it.

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      Thanks for keeping.

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