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      I was born in Korea but have lived in the states (Georgia) since1972. Regretfully, I never learned to cook Korean food. My mother, a GREAT cook, passed away from cancer in 1993. Missing her (oh.. so much), and her delicious Korean meals, I sought out Korean restaurants to fill that void. Average distance to a Korean Restaurant is about 2 hours but we’d make that trip on a regular basis because it was such a treat for me. Then my husband found Maangchi on YouTube, and bless his heart, he watched and learned to cook several of my favorite dishes. I was absolutely shocked and ecstatic when he presented his first dish. It was sooo delicious!! So, thank you Maangchi for your recipes and how-to-videos and now we don’t have to travel 2 hours for a Korean meal. I have my own Korean chef in my kitchen!

      Lots of love from Jeannie and Ken from Georgia!


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      Hi Jeannie,

      Nice meeting you! Thank you for posting the photo here! It looks like it was taken on a cruise ship? I checked out your blog and found that you are very fashionable! I love your blog title, “gracefully50!” You love fashion, food, and fun — that sounds pretty much like me! : )

      You and your husband love Korean food and now you guys can cook homemade Korean food!


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      Hi Maangchi,

      Yes the photo was from our Celebrity cuise in April this year. Thank you for taking the time to check out my blog. I don’t have much to offer but it’s been fun just letting friends and family know what I’m up to.

      I think my husband wishes I can cook like you. Ha ha, no chance!

      Thanks for all your great recipes!


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