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    Hi everyone, I am 23 and have 115 lbs to lose. Im trying to avoid fat and carbs. I weight train twice a week and do lots of cardio. Which korean dishes are the healthiest for weight loss and dieting? Any tips on recipe modifications like using quinoa instead of rice and no butter or greases? Thanks for any tips and meal suggestions!



    Hi district

    congrats on trying to lose. I myself am doing the same thing. Most of the soups are very healthy if eaten by serving size. Maangchi does a good job on demonstrating serving size on some of her videos. I have found out that cutting the sugar content,red meat, sodium, and some carbs in the form of noodles to be very helpful.I use cooking spray instead of vegetable oil on a good non-stick pan. I have lost 29lbs so far.

    As for the gym, you should do weight training at least 4 times a week and cardio six times a week (45mins). Be persistent like a bug. Focus on fat loss and muscle retention not just the amounts lbs you can drop.

    Good luck



    I suggest, switch to brown rice, and make lots of the pun-chun dishes. Also seaweed is really good for you, so meok-guk is a very good choice. And try to use fish base instead of meat base in soups. Congratulations you guys on losing your weight. I’m doing the same thing too. Honestly, when I cook Korean soups and stuff, I find that the calorie intake is lower, and I feel happier about it. I’m with you on your weight loss journey! GO US!!!! xD



    Korean food in general is so healthy, lw sugar, lots of veggies, soups stews ect…One dish in particular has helped me loose weight and keep it off, leaves you feeling satisfied all day if you eat it for breakfast, lunch or dinner…is the ox bone soup= Seolleongtang (Use naturally raised beef if you can) and Maangchi has a video/recipe of how to make this wonderful dish! This is hearty and so good. I am fortunate there are places here that serve just this soup, so I can run in have a bubbling bowl with condiments and be back at work, or if I get up early enough breakfast!

    If you live in a community that has a large Korean population, this dish is a winner! It is a soup that requires more cooking time than most dishes but the broth and beef may be frozen in portions and heated before serving…so make a big batch!

    Good luck and hang in you are young and will find it a fun healthy creative journey if you really get in to home cooking



    Wow this thread is so old! Well I definitly did not lose 115 pounds, but 50 slowly and easily sticking to my Korean diet. I don’t care for rice much, so I do eat lots of stir frys with tofu, perilla leaf to wrap my grilled meat and kimchi in, and lots of seaweed. Better skin, thicker hair, strong nails…..I aint never going back to the SAD!!!

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