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    Yeah, try to pronounce it first and then cook it :)

    You need:

    1 pound of minced meat (beef or pork)
    1 pound of ripe juicy tomatoes
    1 teaspoon ground cumin
    1/2 cup parsley finely chopped
    1/2 cup fine bread crumbs
    3 unions chopped
    1 zucchini cut in half slices
    1 egg
    olive oil
    salt and pepper
    one tin of tomato puree concentrate

    Mix the meat and the egg and spices and bread crumbs together and mix and make finger long rolls out of this about 4 cm. diameter and 9 cm. long.

    Put olive oil in pan and heat up the pan.

    Put rolls into the pan and let roll them over untill brown on all sides.

    Add the tomatoes, chopped into small pieces or puree them.
    Add the chopped unions.

    Let it sit on low heat for about 20 minutes with lid on.

    After 20 minutes add zucchini and simmer for another 10 minutes with lid off.

    If after the total of 30 minutes the sauce has not thickened, remove one cup of sauce and add some corn starch powder, mix this good and return to the pan.

    If the sauce is thick to your liking, but the bright red colour has gone pale because of the starch mix the small tin of tomatoe puree to the sauce and the colour is back!

    Final touch, add sesame oil (no, i’m kidding!) :)

    Serve with rice and compliment with a glass of red wine.


    This is how it looks.



    lol, “sesame oil, no, I’m kidding!”

    No wonder you make my recipes really easily even though you try out for the first time in your life. You were born to be a good cook!



    Oh wow, thanks :) <blush>

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