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      I was given a hand-crafted onggi as a gift recently. I made a batch of kimchi and filled up the onggi. But I’m not sure how it should be stored. Is the onggi supposed to be stored indoors or outdoors? It’s summer here in BC, Canada, so it’s mild to warm, but not too hot. We kept a batch in the onggi on the counter for about 3 days, and then a white film appeared on top of the kimchi. Was the kimchi getting too warm? Maybe I didn’t salt it enough? Any ideas would be appreciated!

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      What a great gift it is! : )

      “We kept a batch in the onggi on the counter for about 3 days, and then a white film appeared on top of the kimchi.” The white film is mold. When you make kimchi and put the kimchi into container, jar, or onggi, you really need to avoid water. It will cause the kimchi to have mold. And if the kimchi is made too bland, it sometimes happens. It’s not harmful though.

      After putting your kimchi into the onggi, press the top down with large spoon so that the top part of kimchi is submerged in kimchi liquid. This process will prevent the kimchi from getting mold.

      Now your kimchi has some mold, then I would remove the top part of kimchi. You still can eat the rest of the kimchi.

      Kimchi in onggi will start fermenting at room temperature in a few days but if you keep it in the fridge, it will take more than 2 weeks to ferment.

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      Great, thank you for the advice! I thought it was mold, and I wasn’t sure why it was there. There was definitely a bit of water in there, so I’ll make it stronger next time. Thanks for the help!

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      jenni n

      i recieved an onggi recently as well and it is rather large. I will have to use it outside. i really want to make some homemade kimchi, but it is spring here. would it be better to bury the onggi for the spring and summer? or should i just wait until fall?

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      I got a 5 liter onggi to do your recipe for dongchimi. Initially it was good 3 days into the fermentation but in a coupe weeks in the fridge it developed extensive white mold throughout so I had to pitch it and need to start over.
      2 questions: What is the best way to sterilize the onggi after extensive white mold. I have read up some more and I think I know my several mistakes that caused it (it was just my first try).
      Second, how long can the refrigerated dongchimi be kept in the onggi? I thought after the fermentation it could be kept in the refrigerator as the primary storage to take out aliquots to eat.
      Thank you!!!

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        JDK, where did you buy your 5L Onggi?


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      Hello, if I keep an onggi in my house at room temperature 18-25 degrees C will it ruin my kimchi? Where is the best place to keep an Onggi indoors.

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