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    Hello everyone ^-^

    I’m Emilie and I’m from Canada. I looove everything about Korea; K-Pop, K-Dramas, food, language, etc. I made some Korean dishes but nothing really elaborate because where I live, I can’t find any of the basics korean ingredients to make those delicious dishes. The nearest Asian grocery store is at 7 hours hours(!!!! :O) from my home and the only ingredient I could find was 고추장 (hot pepper paste). I cannot do many dishes with only this, so I was wondering if there would be someone out there who lives in Korea or near a Korean grocery store and who could buy for me and send to me all the ingredients I need to make Korean food??? And then I would pay everything back to him by paypal.

    If someone could do that for me, that would be soooo nice and awesome. I did not know where to ask this so I made a post here but if anyone thinks this is inappropriate, I will erase this.

    Please, contact me by e-mail: [email protected]

    Thank you very much.

    And thank you 망치 for all your beautiful recipes and videos (:

    You are a true inspiration!




    Amazon.com sells a number of Korean products that you can have shipped. You can go to the Grocery and Gourmet food department and search for Korean foods. You can also type the name of the type of product you want. For example; soy sauce, sesame oil, kochujang…. I looked for duenjang and they didn’t list that, but Korean fermented soy bean paste – did the trick.

    There are a LOT of prepared foods that I have no idea of the quality of, and some foods that are not korean, but if you follow Maangchi’s recipes and buy the korean ingredients to make your own you will probably be better off. But that of course is your decision.

    For example there are prepared “Korean Barbecue Sauces”. You would be better off making your own each time you need so there are no preservatives, etc.

    And a suggestion – If you want to stay friendly with you post office, DO NOT have kimchi mailed to you. One broken package, and you won’t be on good terms with them!

    Hope this helps! Good cooking!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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