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    I have had some good and bad experiences ordering via the internet. My favorite place to get what I need to prepare my Korean meals is from Koamart…they have somewhat of a variety of dried ingredients such as; Kelp, Roasted sea weed or sea plant as Maangchi calls it. I also can find condiments like soy bean paste, red pepper paste, black bean paste; and even dried fish, (i.e anchovies; file fish, cuddle fish, Squid etc); various noodles and the different kinds of rice. They even have section for refrigerated goods (kimchi, concentrated soy milk base for soup) Soy beans, etc. I’ve even been able to purchase kitchenware. The only thing that’s disappointing is the actual sizes of the kitchenware…for instance I ordered an earthenware bowl (large) when it arrived, I saw that you couldn’t even use it to cook a meal for two, like Maangchi does in her videos. So I had to order the next one Extra large…it came day before yesterday, now, you can only in my opinion, use this one for soup, barely…Does anyone know of a retailer who sells Korean Ingredients and kitchen ware online. When I go to the the Hong Kong Market..they also have a variety of pots and pans, but I still can’t find the thin tin pots to cook with…very disappointing. I also have ordered from Hmart…I find them a little too pricey..but what can you do. Help…SOS…let me know if there is another place out there I can utilize. Thanks as lot in advance. LOL

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