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      My last batch of kimchi was made too too salty.
      The paste was ok, the problem came from the salted cabbage.
      I use to taste the rinced cabbage but I didn’t this time (wrong!) , seasoned each leave, let the container at room temperature 48 hours, stored in the fridge and finally ate it one week after.
      OVER salty!
      Ok, don’t panic and take a deep breath, I said to myself :)
      I went to the forum and searched a remedy to this problem and saw this tip from maangchi in a topic:

      “If you already made kimchi and it’s too salty, add more radish to the kimchi. Just cut a few radishes into disks and insert them into the salty kimchi. That’s my way to dilute”

      So I cut some radish into very thin disks (approximatively 15 disks for 2 heads of cabbage + a little amount of a korean pear), inserted it between the quartered cabbages and let it ferment at room temperature 24 more hours.

      Three days after, the kimchi is fixed and good to eat. It’s still salty but in a good way now.

      Thank you maangchi!!

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