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      I made Maangchi’s BOY CHOY SEASONED WITH SOYBEAN PASTE. There is a lot of mixture, so I reserved some for another side dish of my own invention. Forgive the lack of amounts– it depends on how many mushrooms you have. TRUST YOURSELF.

      Mix some of the paste mixture from the bok choy recipe with dark soy sauce, brown rice syrup, some red pepper flakes (korean or regular), and a light pinch of 5-spice powder (not too much!), and some water. (i didn’t try this, but you can add a dash of vegan fish sauce. [i am vegan])

      Sautée some regular white mushrooms in a neutral oil (avocado or grapeseed), quartered, until nicely brown and cooked.

      (optional step — add some minced shallots for 30 seconds)

      add a nice glug or 2 of dry white wine (or dry vermouth) to the pan (put in a small vessel first — don’t pour directly from a bottle of alcohol — dangerous!) until it cooks almost away. Add the new sauce mixture and toss and cook down a little, tossing, until syrupy. Serve! It’s related to the bok choy flavors, but it’s sweeter and a little different.

      Serve with the bok choy and with a main entrée of your choice (braised tofu?) or any other side dish.

      Let me know if you make this, Maangchi or anyone!

      Dennis H.

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