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    Hi! I’m newish to Korean cooking, and the nearest Korean grocery stores are a distance from me. Is there some sort of pantry staple list? When I go, I like to stock up, but I always forget things I can’t get at just any Asian grocery. (I almost always have rice on hand. Obviously hot pepper paste, hot pepper flakes, fish sauce.) Thanks!



    I’m adding soy sauce, dried anchovies, dried shiitake mushrooms, dried kelp, laver (called kim),corn syrup (called mulyeot), soybean paste, sesame oil, roasted sesame seeds to the list!

    Anything else? Let’s help garpu get all essential Korean ingredients!



    From watching videos I’ll say garlic (at any grocery but definitely a staple), onion and green onion (same as garlic!), Korean radish, Korean chives, ginger, starch noodles, and sweet rice powder.



    I have a hard time finding Korean food here in Stuttgart Germany. So I have my mother send me things from Atlanta Ga. She sends me most all the non perishable ingredients mentioned above. I would add Dashida (instant beef/ anchovy/ clam stock flavorings), black bean paste, duk (rice cake), tofu, portable gas stove w/grill plate, and one korean pot for 2 (I think you guys call it earthen ware. I just call it my Korean Pot…lol)

    Oh and Shrimp chips!!! to eat while you drive back home from the market.

    I don’t get a chance to drive to the Korean market as often as I would like…so stocking up on the staples (and not forgetting anything) is important. I would really like to find an English written website here that sells perishable and nonperishable Korean foods.



    Hi Seoul1975,

    Maybe it’s convenient for you to do internet shopping. check, they ship in Germany all kinds of korean and asian foods and appliances.

    Good luck.




    hi seoul1975,

    I am also a Korean located in Stuttgart Germany. I moved here just a few months ago with my husband from the US. I’ve been following Maangchi for a while now. It is rare to meet Korean people in Stuttgart. Maybe we can be cooking buddies. I also buy all my korean groceries from



    [email protected]



    Woohoo! Thanks! :)



    sweet rice flour! mochiko powder or sweet rice flour.. also the frozen rice flour.. and since you live far away from the korean market, you might also be interested in growing your own peppers to use. they can be like any other house plant. sells organic seeds. you can also look at or heck, i can send you some if you can’t get ’em. i know ebay sells seeds, too.. but i mean.. pepper plants are pretty easy to care for, and at least you’d be getting one truly fresh vegetable in your diet. lol oh and the radishes keep quite a while if you store them properly.

    an obvious staple- Chinese cabbage for KIMCHI! lol

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