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    Hello everybody.
    First, I love Maagchi's videos (I'm so ungry of korean food *-*)
    But I have a question about side dishes, more about "pickles" (if kimchi and other same food could be named like that).
    My fiancé loves sour food and I think few days ago "But…I can make it on my own, looks easy".
    After searching on Google (he's my friend!), it looks easy but there's so many ways to make it, i don't know wich one is the best ='(
    So I wonder if you, Maangchi, or food lovers can give me general instructions for those side dishes, like a "summery" to make it : wich vegetables can be use, how to make the juice/sauce, how to succeed the fermentation, wich jar to use and so one.
    In Belgium we have a pickles (n°1 pic) but… it's not the same, I'm looking after some change.

    It looks so delicious to have so many different little dishes, I want to try it out and share it with my family =3 (just like the n°2 pic!)

    Thank you for your help!

    P.S : Excuse my bad english, I can't train a lot in Belgium *-*



    Dear Hiyaba,

    I think we are dealing with two topics here – pickles and side dishes – because not every (korean) side dish has to be pickled.

    On pickles: I was surprised by your image of belgian pickles :D Is that the kind that you are used to in Belgium? I usually relate pickles to pickled cucumbers! Maybe you could try and produce your own. Just cook small cucumbers in salty water, drain them, put them into sterilized jars and fill them up with a brine of vinegar, sugar, chalotts, mustard seeds, dill… whatever pleases your tastebuds :) I am sure you can find some recipes for inspiration by googling something like “pickles recipe”.

    On side dishes: I guess sides could be roughly devided into three categories: kimchi style/pickled, salads and sauteed. So if you feel like having some quick rice and banchan you could simply take some blanched veggies (sprouts, spinach…) and mix them with a korean style dressing (e.g. garlic, soy sauce, sesame oil, honey/sugar, vinagar… to taste) or maybe stir fry some zucchini, tofu or fish cake with a spicy sauce.

    After trying some of Maangchis banchan recipes you will gain experience and confidence so you can be more creative with korean ingredients :)

    Hope this helps…

    Greets from Germany

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