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    Dear Maangchi, wow it's almost a year ago we have seen eachother.. Miss you.

    Last month I was in Korea to visit my family for Chu cheok. They spoiled me with nice and culinary food. I have had Duck bbq. What a nice dish is this. BUT. it was served with a warm doenjang sauce. ( I think it was with minced meat and crushed peanuts) This was heaven. And I don't know what was in it. Please could you help me out….. thank you so much Love SUsanne

    [attachment=6528,640] [attachment=6528,641]



    I knew a woman who use to put meat in her doenjang sauce. I don’t know the recipe though…will be checking back in case someone else posts because, as you say, it was delicious.



    Susanne, yes my Gapshida trip was exactly at this time 1 year ago! I miss everybody I met during the trip. You prepared so much food for our meetup and we had a great time.

    I saw you traveled to Korea. The sauce is called “gangdoenjang”: 강된장. Basically delicious broth made with minced meat or dried anchovies is mixed with soy bean paste and vegetables and cooked. The soy bean paste is cooked with vegetables, so it won’t be too salty. You can use as ssamjang when you make lettuce wrap.



    Yes that’s it. well now find out the best taste. I’ll let you know if i have made it. THX. All the best and talk to you soon. Susanne

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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