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    Hi Maangchi!

    My mom was telling me that chong kak kimchi is reallly good kim chi to make during the winter because in the old days koreans would make this and store it in the ground. But, she said that the seasoning is different in the winter. Can you please tell me how to make winter chong kak kim chi???





    I use almost the same recipe as cabbage kimchi paste for ponytail kimchi paste, but I use less hot pepper flakes. Chonggak kimchi (pony tail kimchi) recipe will be posted later.

    Thank you.



    oh man, i love chong-kak kimchi! i would like to learn how to make this as well. :)



    My ponytail kimchi recipe is here! Thank you for your request! https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/ponytail-kimchi



    Some of my readers on FB, email, and YouTube have asked me similar questions about this recipe, so here are my answers. You might find them useful.

    Question: I noticed you used regular flour as opposed to rice flour? Is there any particular reason?

    Answer: The greens are very soft and fragile, so they will be easily bruised if you don’t give them special care while washing and mixing. When the greens are squished, they can give off an unpleasant smell. The smell won’t disappear even after the kimchi is made. When you use flour for the kimchi paste, the smell disappears altogether. When I make yeolmu kimchi (young summer radish kimchi), I also use flour instead of rice flour, for the same reasons.

    Question: How does the pony tail radish taste compared to the big, fat, sweet korean radish we make kimchi with?

    Answer: It’s similar in taste but the radish used in ponytail kimchi is more firm and crunchy.

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