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      I;m trying to use korean food to lose weight. What are the average portion sizes of a korean meal? How much rice, how much meat, etc….

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      Princess kila

      I lost 70 lbs this last year and i ate a lot of korean food. I recommend going heavy on the vegetable side dishes, and dont eat much rice. I would only eat one cup of rice twice a week. I also avoided noodles except on occasion. The stews and soups i would recomend. Yukaejang, or beef stew was a go to. I would get very lean meat and not add much oil. I also added a lot of extra vegetables, like three times as much and didnt put the glass noodle in. I ate it like that with a salad a lot. The rolled omlette was also good for me, i used little little oil and no sugar. I would eat a few rolls for breakfast, so maybe half the omlette and the protein carried me through til lunch when i would have soup (yukaejang or kongnamul guk. For dinner i just snacked on vegetable banchan and maybe a grilled piece of fish. I was hungry a lot in between soups but i cut my calories to 1800 a day. HOpe this helps and if you want any more ideas, drop me a line on here. Hugs. ALso as for portion, i would just have maybe until i was satisfied.

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