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      John in Baton Rouge

      I love oysters and I love kimchi. So I really want to make some kimchi with oysters. The korean grocery sells the exact same brand of flash frozen oysters that maangchi uses ($27 for 3lbs. – yikes lol).

      Anyway, I usually find that my kimchi takes about 3 days to ferment. I assume the oysters will be ok, because they ferment along with everything else. Correct? Also, how long will the oysters be good when I transfer to the fridge? Since they’re fermented, will they last a few months?

      I’m dying to try oyster kimchi! HELP! My main question is how long will this last. I’m the only one in the household that will eat kimchi – Yes everyone else here is crazy LOL… They don’t know what they are missing!

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      When I lived in Korea and made kimchi, I never used frozen oysters because freshly shucked oysters were always available in a market.

      I found a bag of frozen oysters sold at a Korean grocery store in North America is good enough. I mean it’s safe to use and gives good enough flavor to my kimchi, but it will never be the same flavor as the freshly shucked oysters.

      So if you can find fresh oysters in your local seafood market, ask the seller to shuck them in front of you. Smaller and firmer oysters are more flavorful.
      Anyway regarding your question, yes, once you make kimchi with oysters, you don’t have to worry. It won’t go bad until your kimchi runs out.

      Good luck with your kimchi making!

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      John in Baton Rouge

      Thank you so much! I do like the idea of using frozen because I cant find oysters fresh in the shell here & like you say frozen is safe to use. I think it will be fine. Oysters in kimchi sounds so delicious!!!

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      The first time I made kimchi, I couldn’t get oysters so I used scallops. Soooooooo good! And they were perfectly safe.

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