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      Hi Maanchi, 안녕하서요…

      I recently watch a Korean variety show which they made a very interesting dish… It is raw crab with sauce (spicy sauce???)… But I do not know how to call it and it looks 맛있다…

      Do you know anything about this dish?

      I do not know if this recipe already in your list or not as I do not know how it called.

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      yes, it’s called “gaejang”(게장) in Korean and it’s one of my upcoming recipes. Thank you!

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      Hooray!!! so excited… Cant wait…

      Maangchi씨, 감사합니다….

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      yay for me too… i’ve been waiting for this one!

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      Yes PLEASE make this.

      Also if you can post a recipe for crab in soy sauce that would be great.

      My mother made this in a large kimchi jar. and was constantly boiling the soysauce and crabs again and again.

      Tony aka UncleFat

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      The restaurant down the street includes this as 1 of the ban chan items.

      It’s SOOO GOOOD.

      Cooked crab (steamed + oldbay seasoning) is one of my top favorite foods.

      But raw crab is like an espresso version of cooked crab. The crab flavor is so strong yet since the meat is more liquid than solid, it is so fleeting. Together with the spicy red sauce. It’s heaven.

      But I’m a huge neurotic wimp, and I always worry I’m going to catch some raw food illness, so my mind does war with my mouth whenever the waitress puts it down on the table. The mouth always wins. One day, I’m going to regret it I think.

      Also the leftover sauce is flavored very well by the crab. I hoard this sauce like it’s liquid gold even after all the crab is gone, and i just keep dipping my chopsticks in it and licking my chopsticks like a crackaddict.

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      Don’t be silly. get some of that hotsauce in your eye once. Its so caustic and evil nothing lives. Korean spice is like Thor’s Hammer at Ragnarok..

      My mother is living proof that kimchi doesnt kill cancer… it obliterates it. Shes a two-pack a day smoker wearing a nicotine patch bodysuit. 71 years old and wont die until she 105. Mean as can be. I love my mom… :-)

      So if I were you I wouldnt worry about gae jang doing anything other than slapping your ulcers. If it kills cancer it won’t have much trouble with streptococci…

      Seriously…I wonder what it looks like when hotsauce and cancer wage war on a petri dish…I can hear cancer screaming…WAAAAAAAA. :-)

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      My ganjang gejang recipe is here! https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/ganjang-gejang Thank you very much for your patience!

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