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    HI! My name is Yah Yean, I am from Malaysia. My daughters and I are very much into korean dramas and korean food. My daughters have been really ‘korean-ized’!We have been watching your videos and have made alot of korean dishes. We love your podcasts, my daughter downloads them into her iPod.


    I would like to find out how to cook Crabs in Soy Sauce. Would you please show me how? Thank you! :)



    yeah, it’s gejang.

    I will post the recipe someday in the future!




    Oh, my god! Gejang is the most delicious sidedish ever! In Korea, they use the term “rice thief” meaning you just can’t stop eating. Please do Maangchi!

    For those who are not familiar with it- Gejang is like preserved raw crab. Sometimes in soy sauce, sometimes in spicy hot pepper sauce. There are couple of different way to make it.

    Me and my mom made it last time she was visiting me. I must say, it is not for faint hearted. You must get live crabs. That’s right, live and moving. It’s raw, you can not have dead crab, that can make you sick. Then you cut them off and season. It’s like preparing live lobster.

    If you can get over it, it’s the most tasteful korean dish ever! Korean dream about eating it.



    cat76, if using crabs and squeamish and guilty (like me) about hacking into live crabs, simply freeze them until they die. There is nothing wrong with using frozen crabs as long as they were alive when they were put into the freezer. In fact, the large gejang company in Korea, called Crabland, uses the freezing method to allow their workers to handle the crabs without injury. In their preparation video on Youtube, the crabs are being fished out of iced water and are quite limp. It’s like putting them into hibernation mode and then they die “in their sleep” so to speak. I use this method whenever I make any crab dish. You don’t have to let them freeze overnight…usually a few hours does the trick. Or if you want a quicker result, you can plunge them into icy water. That’s what I do when I go fishing, I bring a cooler filled with icy water to put my “keeper” fish into b/c I can’t bear the thought of them swimming in slow de-oxygenating water and suffocating to death. Much better to just get it over and done with little fuss and no mess.

    The Farmers Market in Atlanta sells prepared soy and spicy gejang in their deli section. Been doing it for years, and always use frozen swimmer crab segments in their recipe. I imagine the risks of getting sick from these are quite low as I have never been ill, and they sell dozens of them daily and have for years. The risk of illness actually comes from the possibility of the crab already having been dead or killed and then left out where bacteria can reproduce. If frozen directly after death, it would create no more worries than your average sushi bar/take-out sushi which also uses previously frozen ingredients. In fact, if they are frozen below a certain temp, it’s actually better for you as the extreme cold eliminates many harmful parasites.

    Just food for thought.



    The recipe was posted 5 minutes ago! Here you go!

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