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    yon ho lee

    thank for your work it is really appreciated.

    i was born in Korea Seoul. and grew up in NYC

    I married and english girl and now i live in the northern part of england newcastle. although there was plenty of korean eateries and markets in NYC i find it difficult here in the north of england.. there are no korean restaurants here and i am really missing the taste of home. there is a small chinatown here which i refer to as china street being so tiny, but i can find some korean ingredients in the local chinese markets.

    i just have a few requests for some demonstrations.

    one dish is jae uk kimchi bokum it had soft rice cakes tofu kimchi thin sliced pork belly <one that looks like bacon sort of>.

    in a gochu jang sauce. just wondering how to make this dish.

    also another favorite is spicy ribs made with the same marinade used for the pork in the above dish …

    jusr wondered what the ingrediants were for the spicy red bbq sauce traditionaly used for pork bbq

    my guess is onion garlic sesame oil sugar salt pepper, soy sauce and gochu jang with a little water.

    if u can email me back and let me know if im missing ingredients .. then i guess you can skip the demo and I can manage on my own.

    any response is appreciated <[email protected]>

    I havent tried any of your dishes yet but im looking foward to it.. reminds me of a lot of comfort foods long forgotten and makes and excellent reference.

    once again thank you


    yon ho lee

    oh yes one more request .. my wife also loves these two side dishes .. i do not know the name if them but there are mostly served with korean bbq

    one is jullian radish with some kind of vinegar and a touch of spice to it

    and the other is jullian scallions in lite marinade as well. i think some kind of lite soy and rice vinegar . im really not sure

    would love a recipe or demo if u can figure it out.




    Hi, yon ho lee,

    “pork bbq..

    my guess is onion garlic sesame oil sugar salt pepper, soy sauce and gochu jang with a little water.”

    I think you should omit salt because hot pepper paste and soy sauce are salty and use minced pear instead of water and mulyeot and a little bit of ginger.

    Your request “jeyook bokkeum with kimhci” and “radish muchim” are already accepted!


    I also have a request for “rainbow rice cake” (mujigae ddeok) and/or similar rice cakes layered with sweet beans and powders. I love gyung dan, but I would love a “lazy dessert.” Thanx!




    The recipe for colorful rice cake (rainbow rice cake) will be posted some day, but I can’t promise when. Your request is accepted! Thank you!

    The recipe is here:



    Hi Maangchi,

    My request will be seaweed side dishes. I had seaweed side dishes when I go to korean restaurant and love them. One of them, I don’t know the name of the seaweed, but it’s kinda ‘chewy’, long, and more light green color.

    The other seaweed side uses similar seaweed that the Japanese use in miso soup, wakame (I don’t know the name in korean).

    If you have time, I would love to know how to make seaweed side dishes.



    Sticky, spicy, sweet chicken wings.

    Spicy seafood soup.

    Cod soup.

    Cod roe soup.

    fish cake side dish.

    green squash (zucchini) side dish.

    lol, everything you haven’t already done,

    I could watch you all day.



    I love Jokbal. Can you please please please do a demo.

    Thank you,





    I’m sorry to say this. I can eat Jokbal (seasoned cooked pork feet), but I can’t handle pig feet. : )




    Was it sweet and sour?


    All your request is accepted!

    Sticky, spicy, sweet chicken wings: Yangnyum tongdak

    Spicy seafood soup: maewoontang

    Cod soup: daegutang

    Cod roe soup: daegu al tang

    fish cake side dish: Uhmook bokkeum

    green squash (zucchini) side dish: hobak bokkeum

    Your favorite fish must be cod! (daegu)



    Thank you Maangchi for showing us all this great food,

    and thank you for telling me the Korean names for these things. Now, I know how to ask for them if I get to a Korean Restaurant :)

    I love daegu!


    Kimchi Girl

    Hi Maangchi,

    I’d like to request one dish, one of my favorite, is 닭도리탕. Can you please show me how to make it at your earliest convenience?

    Thank you.



    Kimchi Girl,

    Yes, many people have already requested the dish. I will post it later. Thanks a lot! I read about you in “Introduce yourself” section. heh, cute nickname Kimchi Girl. : )



    You guys’ request mujigae ddeok recipe is posted now.

    Thank you for your patience!



    I plan to make this with my kids over the Thanksgiving holiday.

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