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      Hi, all. I have a few technical questions about kinds of rice that I’m hoping someone can help me with. I currently live in Korea and am interested in making rice cakes (떡) at home. As I know from reading on here, the main kinds of flours used for making tteok are sweet rice flour (찹쌀가루) and short-grain rice flour (멥쌀가루). However, I have a few questions about these, as well as about kinds of rice in general.

      First: what is the difference between 멥쌀, 백미, and just plain “쌀” or “흰쌀”? Are these terms just interchangeable? If not, which one should I soak/grind to make 떡가루?

      My second question is about brown rice 현미). I recently bought some at the market, and I think it is sweet brown rice (현미찹쌀). Is sweet brown rice the type of brown rice typically eaten/sold in Korea? I believe, for instance, there is also 현미멥쌀. How can I tell the difference?

      Thanks for any help!

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