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    I’ve tried making kim chi a couple times now, and can’t sem to get the salt sorted out. The first time, I salted the cabbage well, and the leaves dessicated just like they were supposed to, but although I rinsed the cabbage thoroughly afterwards, the resulting kim chi was too salty to eat. The next time I reduced the amount of salt , but then the cabbage didn’t dessicate properly. Ack! Can anyone help me? What is the trick here?



    can i ask what kind of salt you’re using?

    if you use table salt (like morton salt) your kimchi will never turn out. i feel like this is your problem.



    I used Kosher Salt to make Kimchi tonight (followed Maangchi's recipe and immediately tasted it (I couldn't resist) before letting it sit overnight. It didnt' taste salty at all (you know) so maybe try differnt type of salt? And don't forget to rinse, rinse, rinse the cabbage. :) Good Luck.



    Wow this will totally help me out. Thank you!! Nice picture. Looks yummy.

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