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    Hi Maangchi!

    My favorite Korean restaurant always gives 4 banchan to accompany the meal: Kimchi, a Potato Banchan, a Seaweed banchan and a Bean Sprout one.

    Potato: Seems like it has been stewed. The potatoes are a light brown in color. Tastes little bit sweet and feels very homey.

    Seaweed: Seaweed with julienned korean radish and sprinkled with sesame seed. I believe it’s been mixed with white vinegar and sugar. It is predominantly sour but also a little bit sweet. Has a very nice aroma.

    Bean Sprout: seems boiled and then dressed with sesame oil and maybe some other stuff. Not very sure about this one.

    Could you try to make recipes for these? Thanks! :)



    The potato dish seems to be this one or at least a variation.

    The seaweed dish can differ by what kind of seaweed you put in.

    This seaweed will do,

    & This recipe will do. Try to modify this recipe.


    It could have been Soybean sprouts or Mungbean Sprouts

    If they looked like “♩” these they were soybean sprouts

    and the recipe is here.

    If they weren’t they were mungbean sprouts.

    and you can go to aeriskitchen for this recipe.



    미역 오이 초무침

    its called mi-yuk o-i cho moo-chim (미역 오이 초무침 ) literally, seeweed, cucumber, vinegar salad (i don’t know what the english word for moo-chim is)

    the recipe translated is:

    soaked seaweed

    half a cucumber

    3 tbl of vinegar

    1 tbl of sugar

    1 tsp of salt

    1 tbs of Jin Soy Sause (jin gan jang- 진간장)

    1 tsp of minced garlic

    2 tbl of water

    sesame seeds

    1. blanch the seaweed in hot salted water then put it in cold water. squeeze out the water and cut it nicely.

    2. julienne the cucumbers

    3. mix the sauce ingredients together

    4. before you eat it mix it with the sauce well.

    this is a super simple recipe. if you type in “미역 초무침 recipe” in google click on any of the links. copy the URL and paste it in ‘google translate’ and it will translate it roughly.

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