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    The only authentic Korean restaurant in The Hague, owned and run by a nice Korean family. They have a simple selection of six BBQ courses to choose from, which includes bulgogi, galbi, spicy pork & chicken, and marinated shrimp. All the main grilled entrees come with a pajun, soup, banchan, lettuce, kimchee and rice. At prices between around 15-18 euro for each menu, it’s a pretty good deal considering that they refill everything (except the meat). My favorite is the shrimp, but the marinade for the bulgogi is also delicious. My husband loves the spicy pork. The kimchee is homemade and also very yummy.

    They also have bibimbap, dwenjang-jigae (amazing!), mae-un tang, and seafood pajun on the menu, but they can make other things by request such as japchae, golbengi, or ddukbokki.

    Overall it’s a great (and only) place to get your Korean food fix in town, the decor is very cozy and not a bad place to take a date. The only thing is you should definitely make a reservation because there aren’t a lot of tables! Also there’s usually only one person waiting tables, so if it’s busy be prepared to wait a little for things like drinks (food can arrive first). And bring cash, they also take credit cards but NOT debit/pincards.

    Bagijnestraat 8 2511 CK The Hague, Netherlands

    070 3650602

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