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    Location: 2560 152nd Ave NE, Redmond, WA 98052

    (next to Microsoft campus, about 10 mi from Seattle)

    Fare served: they offer the most common Korean fare such as yukkaejang, Korean barbecue, bibimbap, japchae, haemul pa’jon.

    what I usually order: yhang gopchang (stir fried beef intestines and tripe in spicy sauce with mixed veggies), yukkaejang, and soondubu chigae (spicy tofu stew)

    Why I go there: I love the side dishes (excellent kimchi and seasoned fish cake). Although they tend to offer more of popular Korean cuisine, at least the food is cooked perfectly and flavorfully. They also serve purple colored rice (not that big of difference than white rice, but quite fun). It is the only place in the Seattle area that does the tripe stir fry. I can finish an entree, rice, and all 6 side dishes and not feel sick from the food. Now that’s something.

    Pricing: moderately priced (japchae about $10, yukkaejang $8)

    Service: Starts when you get seated and ends when they serve you the food. Of course, they somehow remember to give you your check and return to collect your credit card for payment. Poor service seems to be a common shortcoming of Korean restaurants.

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