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    Thanks for you quick response Maangchi~

    So my question was for shikhye, is the fermenting process for the rice or the malt water?

    When you were making your recipe, you added unfermented malt water to your fermented malt water and boiled it together at the end. So I was wondering if you could just ferment a little bit of malt water and add a lot of unfermented malt water at the boiling stage (my rice cooker is very small)? Does the whole fermenting process of the rice change the malt water?

    It’s kind of hard to understand but your response will help me understand a great deal. THANK YOU



    MMANGCHI~ it’s Linda again.

    I have a problem with my oven…

    I can’t go under 170 degrees in bake but I do have a “bread proof” option that goes to 100 degrees farenheit which is about 38 degrees celsius? 38 degrees celsius is too low?




    oh yeah? I don’t think 38 degrees Celsius is too low temperature. I used to make sikhye using my huge pot. Keep turning on and off your stove over low heat until several rice grains float. Be sure not to boil it though.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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