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    My korean pantry was running out of the most basic staple, in the local asian store I can only find hot pepper paste. Last time I've been in Milan I restocked at a very good shop I found there but I couldn't go so I tried an online german grocery store,, and I'd like to report I had a perfect super smooth experience.

    I placed my order on july 21st, payed with a bank transfer, got a mail on july 22nd telling my goods were shipped and got everything at my doorstep today.

    Price for inside EU shipping is euro 9,80, which is the only thing I could complain about but the service was very good.




    Thank you for your feedback, I am Italian too and in the chinese grocery store I can find some stuff (gochujang, doenjang, refrigerated kimchi, noodles, etc.) but not everything.

    When I happen to go to Milan I go to Il Sempreverde, but i find it quite expensive, so that almost 10 euro shipping from Germany make it somehow affordable if you buy more than one item.

    I shopped there when it was called asiakauf, but now that I see a positive feedback for Shinhan I will definitely buy something from them.

    I am running out of multigrain rice… :-)

    Thank you / grazie




    The shop has been closed since the beginning of December, there was a forum topic about it but has disappeared since about an hour or so when I made a reply.
    I ordered from them in that past and it was always ok, a bit slow but ok. But my last order the end of november and after my payment I have not heard from them any more. The new shop, kjfoods. de ,who took over the website is also unreachable, they do not answer their phone or answer emails.
    Beware !!!



    in Reply to my own message, problem solved, it seems that because of serious health problems of the owner Shin-han ended their business beginning of December and passed clients and information to KJFOODS.DE , they have responded and immediatly send of the goods, or even maybe the already send it just before my complaint and calling them and just crossed. I have received the package today, even with something extra and an apology and some replacements for things that were not available. All well ends well, very happy and we will do business again with them. regards, Ron

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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