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    I went to the Koran shops in my area and they only had sweet rice flour so I had to make my own short grain rice flour.
    I used pearl rice (sushi rice?) but when I processed them, this is the final product (attached photos)

    I have no idea what happened? Can anyone help?

    I really want to make my own rice cakes :(




    It’s really hard



    I just tried this and it came out great. I used medium grain rice. Premium grade rice Nishiki brand. I washed it until th water came out clean and then left it for 24 hours in clean cold water. Today I strained the water and left the rice in the strainer for 1 hour. Then I put the rice in patches in a food processor and repeatedly grinded the rice and sifted.

    Maybe your rice was too wet. Try patting the rice before putting it in the grinder.



    Thank you for the answer Candy87!

    ladipo, your rice cake looks delicious and well cooked to me even though it is lumpy. Yes, as Candy87 said, the rice flour must have been too wet. Drain the rice well before grinding. To make fluffy rice cake, you will have to sift a few times. Please check out my white rice cake video.



    Thanks Candy87 and Maangchi!

    I tried it again and it worked :)

    I made a Korean feast :)

    Thank you!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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