short rib soup with dates & ginseng palpitan or kalpitan ( not sure ?)

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    Hi Maangchi ,

    thanks so much for your videos , i was wondering if you could please make this soup , i don't know the name in korean but i think it's Kalpitan or Palpitan and it's a beef short rib soup and i'd like you to make it with dates and ginseng , i heard its like the "korean chicken soup" and mother would make it when you are feeling sick , as the dates and ginseng pick you up and make you feel better , maybe more the ginseng! i love your videos and post them all the time to my Facebook page !!




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    First food that you mentioned is Galbi-tang. I couldn’t find that recipe here.

    Second food is Dak juk(닭죽 in Korean)

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    Thank you Minseok for the answer!

    I can add one more ginseng chicken soup called samgyetang:

    Beef short ribs soup called galbitang recipe will be posted someday in the future. Stay tuned! : )

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    thank you soo much @minseok & @maangchi! i had no idea that it was Galbi- Tang! i don’t know how i got from Galbitang to Palpitan!! haha , i guess i just sounded it phonetically! i really look forward to your video on it maangchi ! you truly are the best !!


    Kimchi Licious

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    here's a pic of Galbi Tang i found on the web! xx


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    My galbitang recipe is online now!

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