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    Hello Maangchi!

    I just stumbled onto your site. It’s just incredible! I’m Korean and my wife is Chinese. We have a mixed baby… but I think she will grow up more Korean than Chinese.

    My wife loves my limited, yet creative (made up… fictional), Korean cooking, but I would like to expand my knowledge of Korean food in general and to introduce it to our baby girl (born Canada Day, 2008) when she’s old enough to eat it.

    It’s 3:35 in Oakville (almost Toronto) and I can’t sleep since I found your site. I love reading and seeing… I’m hoping tasting will eventually come – in my dream.

    We were just in Fort Lee visiting my cousin and hoping to go to Flushing, but my cousin bailed… went shopping to Woodbury instead.

    Anyway, all I can say is "verrrry coool."

    Any good K-restaurants in Flushing? Went to Gammiok in Fort Lee 3 times ’cause that’s almost all we know. Pinkberry… never mind, that’s not a restaurant.

    Keep "hammering" out your great work.

    You must know some people I know in Toronto. Possibly. I know, it sounds kind of funny considering non-Koreans always ask if I know another Korean person they’re friends with.

    Hmmm… I’m getting some ideas! Oh! The only idea I’m getting is that I’m hungry!! :-(


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