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    I’ve been to this restaurant a few times and it’s a very good restaurant for Korean food. May not be the best for some but I really like it. They have a good selection of Korean dishes mainly the major ones. The appetisers are also delicious. I’ve tried the Mandoo, CCC, Kimchi Pancake and Jap Chae. The first time I was there I got a special chopstick and spoon kit with their business card. They have a bar with Soju cocktails. I’ve had a few of their main courses. I’ve had Spicy chicken bibimbap, Bulgogi, and their kimchi beef burrito. The Burrito is actually quite good with soy sauce and gochujang. They do accommodate vegetarians if you just ask. The nice thing about this restaurant is that it’s close by to my house. I live in Rancho Bernardo and it’s a good drive to get to Convoy. I’ve never been to the Convoy ones but have been to Zion Market. Overall I enjoy this restaurant and you should go there if you live in San Diego.

    Website is The word soban means a small table in Korean though it has it’s roots in Chinese.

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