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    Whenever I go to Korean Restaurant, I always see Squid (sometime them cooked in spicy sauce,sometime not) and Black Bean Side Dish. They are cooked in sweet Sesame taste, and very tasty.I don’t know how to soften the squid and make them like the texture I ate in Restaurant, and I have no idea what kind of bean is used for making the Sesame Sweet taste Black bean side dish too. Would you show me how to make those side dishes ? Appreciated a lot.



    hmm, I think you know that my spicy squid dish recipe is posted. https://www.maangchi.com/recipe/ojinguh-bokkeum

    The squid dish with sesame sweet taste black bean you mentioned must be invented by the restaurant chef.

    Follow my spicy squid dish recipe and then use black bean paste instead of hot pepper flakes and soy sauce. Black bean paste is very salty, so use very little.

    Add lots of sesame oil just before serving.

    I should do some more experiments with my squid recipe. : ) When I find real good ratio of all ingredients, I will post it on my website.

    Black bean paste




    Thank you for your help and the quick detail reply very much. I guess I wrote you the wrong food name to confuse you, but fortunately I found Korean name of the Black-Bean Side Dish. It is K’ongjorim (am I correct ? I saw it on a book with Picture). That’s what I actually mean. Sorry for the wrong expression. For the Squid side dish, I watched your video already, but I would hope if you could show me how to make the dried Squid (the kind that some pepople eat that as snack)side dish. I see it selling in many Korean Grocery Stores and restaurants. Some of them are in spicy taste, some of them are just original taste. As I am not fimilar those Korean Side Dish names,I apologize my wrong expression to you. But next time, I would figure out the Korean dish name before posting things here.




    no problem! I totally understand you.

    Thank you for leaving your message here again!

    My kongjorim recipe is posted. You can replace soybeans with black beans in the recipe.


    Browse my recipe section to see if you have time. : ) You may find some familiar Korean dishes that you are looking for there.


    I have not posted “dried squid side dish” yet. As you say, I have 2 recipes for dried squid: spicy and non-spicy.

    I will post the recipes someday in the future.

    Thank you very much!!!



    Thank you for your reply ,and I am very appreciated because I can’t express the right name to you, you still patient to answer me. I like all of your video very much and I watched most of them the very 1st time when I found this website. All the demonstrations from your video are very clear. You are a very nice pretty good teacher. I felt like I just found a treasure. I will try your suggestion and replace the Soy Bean with the Black Bean, and I will look forward your dried squid side dish recipes in the future. By the way. Thank you very much !!!!


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