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    Hello to everyone from Texas!

    Maangchi Just wanted to thank you for all your wonderful recipes!

    I saw your cucumber kimchi recipe on youtube and I’m so grateful. I’ve been trying for years to make this and couldn’t find a good recipe. My mom tried to tell me her way it just never came out good when I made it. Your way was so simple and tasted good as soon as I made it (I Literally did a dance when I tasted it!) I’m so glad I don’t have to depend on the premade foods at the Korean store any more.

    I live in Houston and my mom lives in New Jersey, I miss her Korean cooking so much. I have for the most part remembered all the dishes she has made but I always had issues on cucumber kimchi and cabbage kimchi. I tried to make cabbage kimchi about ten times and half the times it comes out in eatable. So I am so exited to make my very own cabbage kimchi.

    I love all your videos and I know everyone tells you, your cute well… you are.

    You’re a Star!

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