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    My first post in this Maangchi so please be patient. I suppose I should start with a quick intro and some general background information about me.

    I’ve always been into Korean culture and music since I was a early adult. AS I got more into Korean stuff eventually I really got into the food and omg just as awesome Korean media is so is the food just as much!!

    Returning from my first trip to korea this past summer I came back tasting so many different kinds of foods. My tongue was spoiled because I tasted only the best Korean food that exists, in the home country!! However returning to the States I wanted to continue eating the same Korean food I ate in Korea but Korean food here is so expensive. I can’t speak for all places in the U.S. but at least here in the Bay Area its definitely on the pricey side.

    So then I started my quest to learn how I can make similar dishes to some basic Korean dishes I love to eat so I could spoil my tongue even more and eat it more often, while saving money! ^^ So far I only cooked Soon Du Bu JJigae and Japchae and following this website I was quite successful. Actually normally I don’t cook much but with a burning passion to eat more Korean food I learned how to make my first two dishes! And I’m nowhere near the end of my journey. ;D

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