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    Eire Rider

    My Kimchi has been going for about 4 days. One day at room temperature, and the rest in the fridge. I have plenty of brine mixture over the kimchi.
    My question is when I decide it’s been going long enough, do I drain the brine mixture or just leave the veggies in the liquid to further ferment while I eat the Kimchi? Click image to see the entire pic.

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    This doesn’t look like the kimchi recipe from my website.
    Even though I can’t taste it, it looks good to me! I’m sure you made water kimchi that contains lots of water. Leave the veggies in the liquid. You should be able to eat it anytime no matter if it’s fermented or not.

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      Eire Rider

      No ma’am, it’s not from your site. I did not find your site until after I made this.
      I looked at lots of different sites and then put this together. It tastes good, except for the seaweed. I had some seaweed in my pantry, so I decided to throw it in the mix. The weed tastes good but it is really thick and chewy, and I should have cut it up in much smaller pieces.
      Thank You for your recommendation. I will leave as is apart from eating it.
      I will follow your recipe next batch!
      Thanks Again!

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