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    Ok for those who do not know, I am providing the Korean population Korean style meals in our long term care facility. I ordered Tofu from my vendor and it was delivered frozen. Does this make a difference in the outcome of you meal. I the market I have never paid any attention to availability of frozen tofu. Any thoughts?

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    Freezing tofu absolutely destroys the texture (I speak from unfortunate experience). However, it resembles the texture of tofu skin, so you can actually still use it in stir fry dishes, or marinated in sweet sauce (similar to the taste in yubu chobap).

    Hope that helps!

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    Wow it was delivered frozen? Will they take it back?

    When you cut open tofu that has been frozen you will see large holes in the tofu – looks kind of like bread, rather than the fine texture you normally see. The taste is chewy, and rather grainy. It therefore doesn’t work so well in normal korean tofu dishes. It might work for any dish in which you are going to break it up and mix with something else – like in mandoo.

    I have used frozen tofu in the past to mix into a mixture of chopped mushrooms when I wanted to emulate meat in a vegetarian casserole, and its not bad as a meat substitute in a chinese stir fry because the chewiness is satisfying to meat eaters, but for the most part the texture will not work well in most korean recipes.

    I hope you can return it, or you don’t have a large amount! I would have a serious talk with your supplier!

    Good Luck!

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    Yes, it helps. We are getting help from another vendor to supply some food items. This is trial and error. But exciting as well. Thanks!!!

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