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    Hey guys,

    I always get a kick out of this when I open up the container of kochujang. I just find it funny that there is a giant 'NO' written there, but then no other English words. Wouldn't it be more helpful if it also said in English what you are not supposed to be doing? Or is it just there for the Korean's? In that case, wouldn't it be better to write the giant 'No' in Korean instead?

    Anyway, if someone could translate this for me that would be great. I am interested to know what it is telling you to not do.


    ryan ( ^_^)/

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    it states about the quality of the product.

    they use only rice, NO! corn or wheat flower

    thats the reason it tastes good

    it is better for your health

    it is better to cook with

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    Thanks for the translation kumaxx! Yes, and they are right, it does taste better! This is my favorite brand, SunChang. I get the extra hot one! It is the best! Thanks again!

    ryan :)

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