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    Tiny Kitten

    Hi, everyone. I have made a lot of dishes either directly from Maangchi's recipes or inspired by them, but this is the first time I remembered to take a picture before eating them. I made tuna pancakes and just changed a few things.

    For pancakes:
    2 cans of tuna
    3 eggs
    about 3 tablespoons of cornstarch (not completely sure on this measurement but it can vary as long as you don't put too much)
    green onions
    sharp cheddar

    For topping:
    olive oil
    balsamic vinegar

    I beat the eggs in a bowl until they were combined and then added the cornstarch, mixed it in well, then the tuna, and then the rest of the ingredients. (It helps to squish the tuna into pieces with a fork as you mix so it breaks up a bit.)

    Then I heated up a nonstick flat pan and used a spoon to scoop out the egg mixture onto it. I ended up with about 8 pancakes but it depends on what size you make them. I browned them on one side and flipped them to brown on the other.

    In another pan I put some olive oil, and when it heated up, I put in the mushrooms. I let them saute and when they were close to being done, I put some balsamic vinegar in there with them and then soon took it off the fire. I put this topping over the tuna pancakes (It's not shown in the picture) and it went really well together! I was originally going to put the mushrooms into the pancake too but then I realized they would probably release liquid and might make them mushy.

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