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      For a veggie version of doenjangjjigae, what would you replace the shrimps and the anchovies with? Do I need a replacement at all?

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      you can skip the shrimp, the anchovies are needed for the stock. you can cook doenjang-jjigae with plain salted water but it will be more like green salty water than doenjang-jjigae.

      i don’t know why, but the anchovies stock makes the doenjang really pop out.

      i wouldnt recommend veggie-stock. I tried it once, i didn’t like it at all.

      i think, you could try using stock made from dried kelp. i think that could work.

      let us know!!

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      I think you should just make stock with kelp and dried shiitake mushrooms, and perhaps use a bit more doenjang? I think it will taste fine.

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      I am vegetarian and when I make doenjang-jjigae I just use a little extra garlic. I think it tastes fine, you wont be missing that fishy taste anyway if you don’t eat fish. You could also use the dried shiitake & kelp like the above poster said, I am just lazy :) You can experiment with other vegetables in it as well my favorite is baby bok choy or spinach.

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      I always use kelp and some dulse. The dulse adds a really good flavor to stock and it is very healthy. Just don’t use too much or it tastes of iodine.

      I order mine from here.

      I use it for a lot of other things too, and it is also good straight out of the bag :)

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      We typically use kelp powder (available at Whole Foods if you can’t find elsewhere). My wife is Korean, and we’re vegan, so it’s a process. You can check out our blog at

      I’d love to hear other approaches people have tried. But the kelp and/or mushrooms are usually our approach when replacing seafood.

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      I make vegan doenjang jjigae every two weeks. I just use extra garlic and a little soy sauce to replace the saltiness of the fish. It has always turned out excellent. I’ll have to try the kelp. I always use kelp and mushrooms when I make soft tofu jjigae so it should be good.

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      I agree with all of the other users comments! I made a vegetarian doenjang jjigae the other day it it came out really good. I used five dried shiitake mushrooms in my recipe instead of the anchovy. I personally like the anchovy, but I was making it for someone who is vegetarian. Anyway, it came out great! Another thing that I did was I soaked the mushrooms in hot water for like 20 minutes to soften them and then I used that water in the stew to add more depth of flavor. Or alternately, if you wanted to, you could use 1 TBSP of soup soy sauce or light colored soy sauce, but keep in mind that the soy bean paste is salty itself, so don’t go overboard. Or if you are not vegetarian, but don’t want to chop up the anchovy or don’t have them, perhaps try a tablespoon of fish sauce instead. And lastly, look at the recipe for the soon dubu jjigae and follow Maangchi’s recipe for making the stock, minus the anchovy.

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