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      Hello All,

      Greetings from Atlanta, Georgia. I just wanted to say that I found you just by googling “Korean receipe”. I have a Korean mom and an African American Father. I grew up with my mother so I ate Korean food everyday!!! It’s still my favorite till this day. Maanchi, your videos are great!!! My best friend and I are going to get together and try some of the dishes. Luckily I know how to cook a few dishes.

      Best Wishes and Aloha

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      Hey!!!!!! I was adopted from Korea and my birth mother is Korean and my father African-American. I don’t meet “our” mix much. People always try and guess “what I am”. I’ve gotten Polynesian, Puerto Rican, Cuban, Malaysian- you name it! I was adopted at age 5 so I remember the food like you wouldn’t believe. I love it! I am going to try and make Korean food more often. Like having Kim chi on hand- I have huge cravings sometimes. Maangchi is definitely a foodie, and generous of spirit also. Something I haven’t felt too much of with the Korean community. Tell me about your favorite dishes!

      Best wishes

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      oh, you make me feel emotional now! You left Korea at the age of 5, but still remember some Korean food! Amazing! I love you!!!

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      Oh, Thankyou Maangchi!!!

      When I watch your videos I have a sort of homesick feeling. But I always anticipate what you will put in the recipe next because I know all the Korean flavors! Thankyou for your enthusiasm- maybe someday we will meet!

      We came in 1974, my sister and I and we are hoping to reconnect with our korean mother. I know it is very difficult and bad for a korean woman to be single and have mixed race babies but we want her to see through pictures how healthy we are and to thank her for giving us a wonderful life with our american family. Korean was our first language of course but we quickly forgot it. It would be fun to study it again! I have wonderful memories of living in a house with paper windows, and a yellow warm floor and good soup and fish and rice. I think we must have lived with our grandmother- I’m not sure. Also, there was a tree with prickly fruit that we would knock down with sticks and open with our feet( shoes on of course!) I think these were chestnuts- do you think so? Oh my, so many memories. I came upon your website by accident and look how many memories I have now. Food is so much part of a culture isn’t it? Thankyou Maangchi!


      Portland, Oregon

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