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    Because I love this recipe so much, I decided to share it with you all! Its not Korean, but it tastes so good, I think you’ll like it alot Maangchi!

    This recipe varies, people like to put different vegetables and things in there *like tomato and apples, but i think this one is simple and best!

    Before you cook the noodles, I recommend you prepare all the stuff youre going to put in the roll, you don’t want to over cook it.

    Here is what you need!

    1 pack of spring roll wrapping (galletes de riz) it has a picture of a rose on it.

    1-2 packs of rice stick/rice noodles. Theyre pretty thin and translucent looking *get 1 if its a big pack

    2 avocados

    2 kirby cucumbers

    A bunch of cilantro (chinese parsley)

    1 pack of crab meat

    And some shrimp, jumbo size is pretty good, but you don’t need to buy too much, just cut them in half after you boil them!

    And this sauce called Sambal Oelek (its really good)

    here is a picture of it

    the other ones dont taste as good, trust me I tried.

    And some soy sauce.

    If you get lazy like I do, you can make this with only cucumbers, avocados, and cilantro (plus the wrapper and noodles)

    After you wash them, cut the avocados, cucumbers, and crab meat into thin-like slices (you don’t need it to be too thin)

    Put them on a plate, then put the peeled shrimp into boiling water until they turn pink/orange. Don’t cook it too long or they will taste rubbery.

    Then, if you want to be conservative, cut the shrimps in half… so that theyre thin.

    Wash the shrimp for a few seconds, then put it on a plate.

    Wash the cilantro, put it on a plate too.

    Boil some water. Then put the noodles in it, stir it around with some chopsticks to make sure its cooking evenly.

    Make sure you have more water than noodles.

    When the noodles are not hard, taste them and see if thats how you like it.

    Wash the noodles in a strainer when youre done then put them in a bowl

    heat some more water, and get the spring roll wrappers out

    you dont want the water to be too hot, it shouldnt be boiling, but it shouldnt be luke warm. Once you get it to be boiling, just turn off the heat, when the water becomes luke warm, heat it up a little.

    You want to submerge the wrapper in the hot water, using your chopstick to swirl it around so its cooked evenly. When the wrapper starts getting flexible, you should consider taking it out. If the water is too hot then you might burn yourself trying to unfold the wrapper (if it does unfold).

    take out the wrapper, put it on a big plate. quickly unravel the wrapper, and spread it out to its original form (gently!!).

    Put two halves of shrimp on the bottom (it looks nice that way) and put some rice noodles, then all the other stuff on top of that. Close the wrapper by folding in the sides, then rolling it up from bottom to top or vice versa.

    Note: do not put the stem of the cilantro into the summer/spring roll. It makes it uncomfortable to eat it, especially when you have guests. I almost died when my friend and I were eating them. I put only the cilantro leaves and she kept putting the stems in. I ate one of hers and I couldnt separate the stem from the springroll in a bite. So i tried to devour the entire thing and we couldnt stop laughing and i couldnt swallow it because it was too big but after a few minutes i managed to eat it.

    So now, the sauce!

    It depends how spicy you like it. I like it spicy so I will do this sauce: 1.5 tblspns of sambol sauce to 1 tblspn of soy sauce. You can experiment :]

    I really want to eat this right now, But i don’t have all the ingredients! :[ I hope you guys enjoy this! Its really really really good.




    Thank you very much for the recipe. Many people will be encouraged to make the delicious Vietnamese summer rolls!

    I sometimes make it at home. I should get Sambol Oelek sauce. :0)

    I like to use sliced banana in the roll, too. Thank you again!



    I make these often.

    I’ve never put in fruit, banana sounds yummy, I bet mango would be nice in it.

    I have a bottle of Sambol Oelek in the fridge next to my gojujong, my chipotle salsa, franks red hot sauce and good old tabasco…….no wonder why I don’t have any room for food. ;)

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