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    Hi all,

    Would anybody else be willing to participate in a “how long does it keep” thread? One of the biggest challenges for me, especially with banchan, is figuring how much to make and how often I have to cook in order to have the right balance of variety/freshly made stuff for a week. I know fresh is best but sometimes busy schedules force us to push the boundaries! Anyway, I decided I would try to make extra every time I cook and start recording how long everything keeps in the fridge so I have a record I can use when I’m planning menus for the week. I realized this would go much faster if other people join in too!

    So, basically, if other people think this would be helpful just post the name of the recipe you made, how long the leftovers lasted (not necessarily until they went bad but also just how many days after you made it you served it) and how you stored it.



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