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    Maybe you want to watch Korean TV shows with English subtitles online? You came to the right place!

    Recently I discovered this site:

    According to the FAQ this is only available in Canada and the USA, but it’s 100% legal and has full funs of shows, subtitled. Surely this site will go out of business soon. In the meantime, go and watch!

    If you know of any other good sites, post some links or resources in this thread.



    I personally like ^^

    I recommend IRIS. It’s a new drama



    i go to but theres no subtitles..

    There is and for dramas..

    BTW, that website looks so nicely made! It’s just like Hulu! Hopefully it stays alive for a long time :D



    I don’t like to watch dramas streaming (I hate sitting in front of the computer for so long), but when I can’t wait for to download something I usually go to Users on the site post, segment, and subtitle videos, often within a day or so of airing in Korea. Yay cloud computing!

    For downloading, I either go to or for RAWS. Fansubbing groups also post their subtitles on d-addicts, and the site also has a fansub wiki ( where you can see what dramas are being subbed by what fansub groups. My favorite is WITHS2 ( They sub all the best dramas.

    @songmiru: I’m totally addicted to IRIS! It reminds me of Alias before J.J. Abrams left and the story stopped making sense.



    @lisslalissar: Yeah, it does. My girl friend is in Korea right now so she gets to watch each episode before me and the proceeds to tease me about it.

    Have you ever seen the movie 쉬리 (Shiri). Apparently IRIS is supposed to be a sequel of sorts Shiri backwards is irihs or iris^^



    I used to watch movies on idols, but I haven’t watched them for a while. The last time I went there it seemed like I was unable to watch them nowadays.



    I like Korean show but currently i am watching the USA famous The Dexter Online on .Please suggest me some sites related to this show.



    Check this site,too if you like Korean dramas.



    I used youtube quite a while, but now switched to doesn’t work for me, since I use a mac.

    My absolute favourites are “Goong Princess hours” and “Boys before flowers”, “Love Contract”. Currently I watch “It started with a kiss 2”

    What’s driving me mad recently is that this stupid major record label cuts me off from some dramas because they have some of the record labels music in it. I normally find my new music via these videos and then buy it at iTunes if it’s available, funnily enough most of this companies asian music is not available at iTunes! Well, if they don’t want me to buy their music …

    On that note, any idea where to get the soundtrack of “goong princess hours”? There’s nothing on iTunes or


    Participant now also has a number of Korean dramas, including Boys Before Flowers, Playful Kiss, and My Lovely Sam-Soon.



    I love Korean dramas and movies, thanks everyone for posting some sites I haven’t heard of before. I wish I had more time to watch the dramas consistently, but I will try this weekend! ;) Any suggestions anyone??



    TV Shows has become a part of our daily life. I have got a source from my friend and I catch my favorite Episodes of TV Shows Online by clicking this link.



    Yes it is very interesting. I like to watch kitchen shows.

    Watch Dog The Bounty Hunter Online



    i Like korean drama and movies.I really like to watch Tv shows online.It is a fantastic Tv show.



    i Like korean drama and movies.I really like to Watch Avatar: The Last Airbender Online

    .It is a fantastic Tv show.

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