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      Hello, I recently discovered Maangchi and her awesome channel thanks to a Korean friend who told me about her recipes. I already tried out her Jajamyeon and her Tteokbokki recipes. Now I’d like to master the art of Korean fried chicken, since I heard only good things about it. One problem: I don’t have some ingredients necessary for the recipe. Here they are:

      – Sweet rice flour and
      – rice syrup

      I’ve read that one can use honey for a rice syrup but for the sweet rice flour, I don’t have a clue, since corn or potato starch are already included in the recipe. Do you know of another “Western” substitude for this one? Your help is much appreciated.

      Thanks and greetings from Switzerland!

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      Unfortunately, I’ve found sweet rice flour pretty hard to substitute, as it has a pretty distinctive flavor and texture. Even just buying regular rice flour is totally different!

      As for rice syrup, I’ve substituted corn syrup (I live in the US), which was okay flavor-wise, but when I use it I can never get the nice glossy finish on things like braised black beans. Maybe you could try golden syrup?

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